Mad March Weekend

24th-27th March 2005

Mad March was part of Longline.

Mad March was an Easter weekend of madness, mayhem and fun and formed part of the Longline programme and was inspired by themes in Barebones. Lanternhouse Young Performers, working with Noeline Kavanagh, reclaimed the streets of Ulverston with an impromptu walkabout, enticing an audience back to Lanternhouse to delve into a world of myth, mystery and magic.

The Walkabout

The performance featured a conflict between a tribe of punk sardines and a posse of bureaucratic bunnies which was steered to resolution by the latent spirit of a prehistoric elk.

The Set in the Barn and Crowds gather outside the barn

The musical backdrop was provided by Tim Hill (artist-in-residence at the time) in association with Blast Furness street band.”

Performers and Audience

Photographs by Simon Pell