22nd Lantern Festival Finale 2004


created by Gavin Lewery and Jodi Watson

In the wild trajectory of evolution, birds supplanted dinosaurs and humans went bald. In their own inimitable way, for the 22nd Lantern Finale, Welfare State International once again, sent the fur and feathers flying sky high, eventually bringing us down to earth where blackbirds will never look the same again!

Lantern Festival is one of Ulverston's most famous cultural exports, featuring in celebrations worldwide - from Bosnia to the Commonwealth Games. It is the highlight of South Lakeland's year, drawing people from across the world to experience the joyous combination of Ulverston's Lantern Procession, co-ordinated by The Lantern Supporters Group, and the WSI Finale held in Ford Park.


Large Scale Sculptural Workshops

making Lanterns


This year saw another fantastic week of making. Basking in the long overdue sunshine artists came together to create the large scale lanterns that would lead the rivers of light through the streets of Ulverston on Saturday 18th September 2004.


Led by Jodi Watson and Gavin Lewery the group came together to discuss the ideas, techniques and explore the practicalities of making lanterns to this years theme of fur, feathers and scales.




making Lanterns
making Lanterns