Longline Programme Notes from 2003

Longline IllustrationMorecambe Bay is a site of Special Scientific Interest. Seen from a satellite, it resembles a decapitated natterjack toad heading out to the Irish Sea. Turner and Constable crossed the sands by stagecoach to study and paint the clouds. Those same towering banks of cumulus weather are still here. Underneath, great tides continue to sweep back and forth revealing a voracious feeding ground of worms and crabs and fish for waders and gulls.

Humans mostly carry on regardless, provoked by the occasional but regular drowning, funds are raised for inshore rescue teams. Designs for wind farms and cross bay bridges are discussed. Trains still cross Victorian viaducts. Micro light aircraft take off, and underneath their luminous wings a million lugworms form runways of tiny cairns.

The Bay is a complex and inspirational wonder, which we ignore at our peril. Many children don't go down to the sands today and many adults are too busy to focus on this awe inspiring window on their doorstep.

Through Longline - a 3-year programme of work - WSI seeks to bring people together in a spirit of research, awareness and celebration. There will be hard analysis and imaginative dreaming; scientists, musicians, artists and the community creating together to produce information, songs, music, stories, choirs, videos and exhibitions culminating in a Carnival Opera and Festival of the Sands in the summer of 2005.

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Longline is written by Welfare State International in partnership with Whitewood & Fleming

The Longline Projects Docoumented here are:

  1. One Rock
  2. Moons in the Mud
  3. Barebones
  4. Mad March
  5. Bay Tales
  6. Longline The Carnival Opera