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Cabin Fever was part of Milestones.

Building the treehouseThe first part of Cabin Fever took place at Lanternhouse in 2003.

This was followed by Den Deluxe II

Den Deluxe II

The second Den Deluxe for young people previously involved with last year's Cabin Fever workshops at Lanternhouse, met at Ford Park over 1 & 2 May. This weekend was the next step towards the invention of an extraordinary installation - Cabin Fever - in the summer of 2004, led by the children themselves and demonstrating their innate creativity.

Under the direction of Elaine Whitewood, Den Deluxe will increase the skills of the children involved, and build on WSI's research into the creativity and environmental perception of young people. The project will be documented in an original form to be shared with others.


Building the Tree HouseThe finished treehouse

Cabin Fever - The Final Event

Making Costumes
Costume Making

The extraordinary installation took place in Thwaitemoss field and saw a period of intense costume making, filming and performance throughout the week leading up to the final event on Saturday.

Under the direction of Elaine Whitewood of Whitewood & Fleming, the children used their skills they had developed at previous den making sessions.

After exploring the site the children came up with their own stories and characters and developed over the week their own dens,costumes,and props.


Building the Charcoal Burners Hut

The dens were a charcoal burners hut, hebalist shop, wild car from heaven and hell and a moss palace. In those spaces they made their own story a reality turning it into a magical village, Bracken Hollow, where they acted out it out and became the characters, made the film, costumes, makeup and script.

Demonstrating their innate creativity the children created in the wilderness a wild adventure setting their imagination free.

Car Alight
wild car from heaven and hell

Moss Corner Costumes
the moss palace images: Jodi Watson