Project Archive 1998-2006

The list of projects on the left are those that were documented in some way on the Welfare State website between 1999 and 2006. This list is in no way complete or definitive.

These projects all took place in the years after the completion of Lanternhouse. They are mostly small scale projects that focus on the local and personal with much of the work based around Ulverston and Morecambe Bay. The thinking behind the company's work in this period can be explored in a the downloadable artictes written by John and listed on the resources page.

Much of the work falls into two main programmes: Milestones and Longline.

Some of the projects are documented with a few lines of text, others with an image, while others have detailed websites and interactive artworks that were produced alongside them.

For a wider view of the company's work over its 38 year history you could look at Eyes on Stalks by John Fox. There is also the archive in Bristol.