Resources for Research

Downloadable Documents

Below are links to a series of essays by John Fox that can be downloaded as Word Documents for offline reading and printing.

All essays will open in a new broswer window. When you have finished reading them, close down the window to return to this page.

Exploring to fulfil a genuine need (Word Document)

Percy, Ignatz and the postman (Word Document)

National Arts And Media Strategy - A Plea for Poetry 1991 (Word Document)

A Note About Prototypes - April 2006 (Word Document)

' Whose culture?' an article by John Fox published in Arts Professional 26 September 2005 (Adobe PDF document 81KB)

'Eyes on Stalks not Bums on Seats' John Fox talks to The Guardian 04/01/06.

Not a downloadable document but a list of "Current Concerns" from 2002


The Welfare State Physical Archive, part of The Theatre Collection at Bristol University.

John Fox and Sue Gill's on going projects

A video interview with John and Sue

A video interview with John

Links from Google


There is plenty of research information to be found in the WSI publications. See the publications section of this site.