Engineers of the Imagination £12.99 - More Information
A book to get thumbmarks and glue on, it explains the basic techniques of Welfare State International's work - the making of processions; large scale puppets; fixed structures; fire and ice technology; processional, theatre and dance music, celebratory food and feasts and much more.

The Dead Good Book of Namings and Baby Welcoming Ceremonies £7.50 - More Information
Though in today's society christenings are no longer as commonplace, there is still a need to formally welcome a new person into the world.  This book shows you how to design and organise your own ceremony in a way that is meaningful to you.

The Dead Good Funerals Book £12.50- More Information
Challenging, practical and crammed with powerful anecdotes, which will enable you to design a ceremony either for yourself, or for a loved one.  Whatever your faith or belief system there's something for you here.

The Dead Good Time Capsules Book £6.50- More Information
Everything you need to know to create a successful time capsule.  Practical advice and accounts of actual projects, planning and creation, artists visions, destiny and materialism - and - the odd spaceship.

Learn About Lanterns - More Information
Instruction pack which has been designed to help you create hand-made lanterns.

Dead £3.00 - More Information
Catalogue accompanying the successful touring exhibition entitled DEAD, curated by Andree Cooke which featured funeral objects which are both celebratory and practical.

Eyes on Stalks £14.99- More Information
A New Publication By John Fox

Plea for Poetry £2.00 - More Information
Written for the National Arts and Media Strategy.

There are more essays and lectures by John Fox in the Resources for Research section.