21st Lantern Festival Finale

'A Walk through Toyland'
Saturday 20th September

Lantern Procession
©Ged Murray

A big vote of thanks came from the town and the Mayor of Ulverston for all the WSI artists contributing and devising this years 21st Lantern Finale. There were many claims of excitment as the large scale lanterns entered the town heading the rivers of light towards Ford Park for the finale. The sun had shone most of the week but on the day it poured down so congratulations to all those who worked so hard through such dreadful weather, it was appreciated by all the visitors to the town.
A survey carried out on the night revealed many comments from those local to the area as well as many who had traveled from far and wide (including the USA) to see this years 21st Lantern Finale. Some of the comments follow.

'I was going to leave as it is so wet but the anticipation in the town made me stay on to see what was going to happen and I have not been disappointed'

'The best ever, fantastic'

'Amazing, how WSI always pull it out of the bag no matter what'


Director - Roger Bloomfield
Production Manager - Jodi Watson

Production Team
Caroline Scott, Gavin Lewery, Kate Barfield and Dan Fox and a round of applause for volunteers and community involved.


Large Scale Sculptural Lanterns

Lantern Making
© Jodi Watson
26th -30th August 2003

Led by Gavin Lewery and Jodi Watson

Volunteers and community members come together to create images on the theme of "A Walk Through Toyland". Led by Welfare State artists they learnt and developed skills in creating large scale sculptural lanterns. The workshop had a practical, hands-on focus with plenty of scope for discussing ideas and techniques with the highly experienced artists and lantern makers Gavin Lewery and Jodi Watson.