Urn for growing plants urn for growing plants
35(h) x 15(w) cm

£850 - £1,050

tord boontje

Dutch product designer Tord Boontje has lived in the UK since 1992 when he studied industrial design at The Royal College of Art. Since graduating he has become known for his label tranSglass; his product designs for fashion designer Alexander McQueen, and his Rough-and-Ready furniture collection.

tranSglass is a design collaboration between Emma Woffenden and Tord Boontje, set up in 1997 and first launched that year at 100% design. Discarded wine and beer bottles are sliced in different ways to make new vessels. All products, vases, glasses and jugs are manufactured by the designers in their London based studio. Similar to the Rough and Ready collection, tranSglass is concerned with issues of recycling, developing and owning ones own production process and producing work with a contemporary aesthetic.

Boontjes¹ recent work has changed tangent slightly. As well as building on themes in previous works, his new collection introduces decoration, sentiment and memory.

"Wednesday" encompasses some everyday objects and furniture. Tables, lights, chairs, cabinets, shelves, a bench and vases. "It is a collection made without a lot of resources, but with a lot of time, care and love. "Wednesday" is a group of objects which are homely and loving, sparse yet pretty" (TB).

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