Iron construction, velvet
310(l) x 95(h) x 75(w) cm

6,000 - 9,000

milena dopitova

(b 1963 Sternberk, Czechoslovakia. Lives and works in Prague) Czech artist Milena Dopitova is one of The Czech Republics leading contemporary artists. Originally she belonged to the group Pondeli (Monday) who was founded in 1989, and in recent years has shown internationally in the States and throughout Europe. Her work is multi-faceted using video, sculpture, installations and photography as means of expression. The most expressive group of the youngest generation in Czech art founded its artistic programme on work with the ordinary and matter-of-fact, which should not be neglected and which, according to them, could bring positive, good news. They called themselves according to the first working day - Pondeli (Monday). Milena Dopitova very soon carved out for herself an independent profile and built up her work on a dual principle: she works firstly with banal themes but forms them to an autonomous aesthetic sphere. Her language also often incorporates amusing morality. In her work the meanings of objects are almost didactically numbered, they do not attack us but they attract us with their unambiguous message.

Dopitova often works with the principle of comparing two opposing poles which have differing structures (natural-artificial, cultured-banal) none of which appear handicapped when subjected to a comparison. It often happens that a didactic selection of opposing forces leads to an internal confrontation of meanings and forms. Dopitova aims to link personal and concrete visions, which are related to real situations.

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