Anarchy Veil anarchy veil
Kite fabric
Aprox. 95cm
(Sold without stand)

1,000 - 2,000

simon periton

1964         Born in England
1986-90    St. Martins School of Art

Solo Exhibitions

2000          Simon Periton, Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles
                   Simon Periton, Statements Booth, Basel Art Fair, Basel
1999          Barroquade, Simon Periton, Foyer project at the Haywood Gallery, London
                   (20 September to 10 October)
1997          Simon Periton (and David Thorpe), Habitat, Kings Road, London (cat.)
                   Dandeliceum, Sadie Coles HQ, London
                   Periton, Skinner's Cage, London
                   Simon Periton, British Council Window Gallery, Prague
1994          Strange Spectacle (with Alan Kane), Gallerie 217, Sportsverbande, Frankfurt,
1993          Gild the Lily (with Alan Kane), London E1
                   Weekender (with Alan Kane), Caledonia Street, London
1992          Simon Periton, Bipasha Ghosh, London
1991          Seeds of Hope, (with Georgie Hopton), Wilson Hale, London
                   Olde World, (with Georgie Hopton), The Caraway Installation, Butlers Wharf, London
                   Hope Project, (with Georgie Hopton), Frieze, London

Group Exhibition

2000          INNER CITY PRESSURE, (curated by Radek Vana), Galerie No-D(Roxy), Praha
                   Hoxton HQ, Saide Coles HQ at Hoxton House, London
                   Konfrontfact, Czech Centre, London
1999          Natural Dependency, The Jerwood Gallery, London
                   papermaker, Modern Art Inc
                   Limit Less (curated by Matthew Higgs), Galerie Krinzingar, Vienna
                   A Radiant Future, Forde, Geneva, Switzerland
                   European Factory, Villa delle Rose, Bologna, Italy (cat.)
                   Gallery Swap, Sadie Coles HQ at Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin
                   The Order of Things, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool
                   Show it Off, Art. TM Gallery, Inverness (pamphlet)
                   Phillip Treacy - Autumn/Winter 1999 Collection (collaboration on hat Design),
                   New York
                  Fashion and London Fashion Week
                  NewOldTown (curated by Liam Gillick), Casey Kaplan, New York

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