coffin  inventory
Burial kit for the 21st century
Biodegradable plastic
73(w) x 220(l)cm
(Edition of ten. Body bag and CD epitaph)

1,000 - 2,250


Live and work in London. Inventory (Damian Abbot, Paul Claydon and Adam Scrivener) was formed in 1993 with a view to publishing a journal based on ideas brought to it from the separate members of the group. Broadly speaking, the journal is concerned with cultural anthropology thought that might mean addressing issues as disparate as architecture and popular music.

Essentially the group's concern is in the methodology of - losing, finding, collecting - a concern that has led to a large archive of found and collected material: urban ephemera that might normally escape documentation. Consequently the journal and archive work in tandem, one predominantly visual, the other textual, informing one another with different kinds of information, contexts and readings.

Inventory's projects aim to capitalize on the use of heterogeneity, using themes of the essays from the first issue of the journal: space, cities, making meanings through material culture. Other projects, possible dialogues, themes are shown; investigations into sociological and commercial spaces, erratic cartography of things found and seen around London - defunct shopping centres, unofficial routes and pathways, archaic patterns in modernity.

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