Memento Kit: final breath  memento kit: final breath
Mixed media
(One off kit)

400 - 800

dunne + raby

Anthony Dunne (b. 1964. 1997 Phd Computer Related Design at the Royal College of London)
Fiona Raby (b. 1963. 1995 Mphil Computer Related Design at the Royal College of London)
Live and work in London

Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby have worked together since 1992 on a combination of academic and practical commissions which explore new psychological and behavioural possibilities for everyday objects and environments through a fusion of materials and electronic cultures. Their work centres around the future possibilities and potential of design. Rather than present a hackneyed science fiction scenario, their work focuses on engagement and emotion.

Embracing the sinister as well as the poetic, their work often addresses the unseen dimension that todays cyber-saturated world has opened up. Ultimately their proposals are about people - why we need things, how we use things - and offer a completely new approach to design and the invention of completely new products.

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