Wicker, willow wicker, willow
170(l) x 73(w) x 81(h) cm

3,500 - 4,500

peter friedl

(Born in 1960 in Oberneukirchen, Austria. Lives and works in Berlin) Peter Friedl is an Austrian artists who is well-established in Europe and the states. He works with the deterioration of a coherent framework, which lets us know what we are supposed to do with things. This creates for the viewer a tragic/comic situation of attempting to decode the messages, which are inevitably deposited around the work. A counter-situation is set up as to the viewer's readiness to read a message which has become incomprehensible. In Friedl's works a certain rhetoric of degeneration occurs. Any system inherent in the work is challenged which entails not only a formal issue, but also the issue of the work's substantiality, which, on a linguistic level, eventually questions the entire system.

Typically, the artist ascribes a counter-voice to every assertion of identity. He responds to a heartfelt need today to participate in the practice of social communication, the site where "the limits of my own world" are forcibly overcome.

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