Cradle to grave
 cradle to grave
Diamente shroud
118(l) x 111(w)cm

£6,000 - £8,000

owen gaster

Now 29, Owen Gaster was born in Lebanon. Lives and works in Brighton.

Graduating from Epsom College of Arts & Design in 1992, Owen Gaster has become one of Britainsı foremost fashion designers. He has carved a niche as a modernist tailor, making challenging garments which rethink the traditional in a contemporary context. Owen defines his fashion ethos as Othoroughly modern tailoringı, but always with-a-twist. His clothes are cheeky, sexy and good humoured. He cuts close to the body, or gives his garments plunging V necklines for that all-important saucy effect. ³People who wear [my clothes] always come back and say that they feel good in it. Not in a prima donna way, but special. His hipster trousers amongst other items became ubiquitous in the 90s.

Owen has always developed his collections alongside music which has been integral part of the presentation of his work. Since 1994 he has used Jungle music and worked especially with DJs Bluzes and Krust. Bluez has created the majority of the music for the shows, specifically written for Owens events. Krust provided music for the Horror show. Fabio and Krust are amongst Owensı favourite DJs. Fabio has bought Owensı jewelry.

Despite his success, he perhaps is not the likeliest fashion personality. His career has been consistent and gradual. He has made a career of not fitting in, and perhaps this uncompromising attitude has attributed to his success.

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